Easter weekend

Walking the dog in Franklin Park I am watching a bunch of adults scattering plastic Easter eggs on the surface of the lawn. They aren’t hiding them, just laying them on the surface, thick as dandelions. And for what, a hoard of little screaming children, who being loosed from their car kennels will then be encouraged to outrun, scream at, and elbow out any and all competition to gather as many eggs as they possibly can.
Here in the dawning of the 21st century, still, and seems ever worse we want them to BE greed, teach these impressionable heart/soul/minds that greed is good, get/take/compete for as many as you possibly can. For what I wonder. Who, which parents in the world today condone this behavior?
As I was about to exit the park another adult was getting out from a van. She was dressed in the full easter bunny regalia, making her grand entrance into the park; soon to appear to the little greed mongers that she has shat out all these eggs purely for their pleasure. As she made her way over to the egg infested lawn I saw that the easter bunny was taking deep and heavy drags from a cigarette…
I am obviously not the mother of any child. And have striven to distance myself from these traditions that make no sense. Perhaps I am jaded…
Still, I find it bizarre that half the business world shuts down to celebrate an obvious religious holiday, tho they believe in no religion themselves.


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