Minimalist’s mosquito netting


The cabin sits right on the small perennial creek. Too close I think sometimes when the water’s high…water and August’s heat attract a pleathora of heat seeking creatures: dragonflies, humming birds, snakes, frogs, bats, and unfortunately, mosquitoes! Once the sun sets, the solar powered light and residual heat inside the cabin draw the blood sucking insects inside.
I came up with a makeshift-cabin-sized net to sleep under. I really only need my face covered; the dog, well, he’s on his own.
I stopped at the fabric store and purchased about 3 yards tule netting, and a large embroidery hoop. The netting comes in different sized holes, so get the finest one you can find. And you get a wide range of lovely colors; I chose sage green! It took some time to arrange the fabric evenly around the small inside hoop with the large hoop lightly clamped on. But once it came together, leaving a point at the top, I tightened the hoops together, tied a string securely to the point, then hung it from a small hook above the bed and slept mosquito-free all night.
Total cost: $6.49