My Little Motorbike

Little Honda


the Hondells

The other day I did not want to do one thing on my long list of projects. I was not excited for any of it. I was driving to the town where I have lived (and am still somewhat entangled) some 20 years, now a 90 mile round trip from my new digs. I looked at the dog riding shotgun and said so much. Then promptly composed a haiku. I seem to think in 17 syllable verse. They come out so naturally sometimes it almost scares me.

All I want to do, is ride my motorcycle, all the live long day.

As I was fitting the lines together in my head, I had a thought that I should be blogging about my vestal experiences as a woman motorcycle enthusiast.

No sooner had I spoken the haiku into the Note Everything app on my phone, and this song comes on the radio. It’s the Free Form friday morning Vinyl show. You Tube the song Little Honda, by the Hondells of all names. Check it out, it’s a surfer style ditty and I bet it makes you giggle too.

I took the serendipity of the Little Honda song (a top hit the year of my birth), playing right after composing my haiku while thinking of blogging about it, to be a subtle sign in the fork of the road of my life.

Stay tuned to the Me and My Motorcycle Tab on